The NeuroCalm Fatigue Summit 2022

Expert speakers will discuss fatigue, one each a day, in an interview format.

The really exciting thing about this summit is the refreshing blend of practical tips, personal stories, and different approaches to how we even think about fatigue in the 21st century.

The summit brings together a set of conversations that produce a rich and wisdom-soaked tapestry.

People with fatigue conditions know how tough it is to live with them. Just getting through the day can take a Herculean effort. It is challenging to find answers and a way forward to wellbeing again.

The experts at this summit offer answers and a generous amount of practical information—really useful information.

And, at the same time, some of the conversations also explore the idea that fatigue can be a source of transformation, both personal and collective, for all of us living in the 21st century.

This summit is set against an important and rarely considered question, so relevant for us all in the 21st century: ‘What if fatigue is a uniquely healing message for a stressed-out world’?

Answering this question really gives some deep insights into fatigue as a warning sign to us, individually and collectively. And this warning sign has deeply practical day-to-day implications: it’s not an abstract question: it matters for all of us.

Yet, there’s more: what if fatigue shows us something absolutely world-changing in its potential, once we see it? What if fatigue invites us to reconsider everything?

Amidst all the practical insights, cutting-edge science and personal stories, our experts reflect on spirituality, on the deep unconscious, on the ancient non-human communities living in (and as) the human body, on social and planetary stressors affecting our bodies, and on what it is that fatigue (and those suffering from fatigue) might also be offering the world at a particularly pivotal period in human and planetary history. 


Our Speakers

Dr Ameet Aggarwal (Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner, Author); Raelan Agle (Chronic Fatigue Recovery Expert, Social Media Commentator, Author); Dr Silvia Binder (Founder of the Binder Institute for Personalised Medicine Germany, Author); Kryssa Marie Bowman (Transformative Hypnotherapist and creator of Quantum Hypnotic Healing); Dr Dana Cohen (Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Author);  Dr Keesha Ewers (Integrative Medicine and Health Coaching Expert, Author); Ashok Gupta (Creator of the Gupta Program: Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness and Holistic Health, Author); Dr Evan Hirsch (‘The Energy MD’, Author); Alex Howard (Creator of Therapeutic Coaching and Founder of the Optimum Health Clinic and Conscious Life, Author);  Rebekkah LaDyne (Somatic Therapist, Self-Regulation Specialist, Author); Dr Terry Marks-Tarlow (Clinical Psychologist, Author); Heather McKean (Creator of the Mind Change Healing System, Author); Dr Sarah Myhill (Naturopathic Physician, ME/CFS expert, Author); Dr Neil Nathan (Expert in multiple healing modalities, Author); Dan Neuffer (Founder of ANS Rewire, Author); Dr Maya Shetreat (Neurologist, Herbalist, Urban Farmer, Author); Rebecca Tolin (Mind-Body Coach, Writer and Speaker); Professor Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos  — and more!

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