For individuals

Your life journey is unique to you, but there are common human needs, patterns and tendencies that we all have to negotiate. Understanding those can be really helpful and empowering.

At the moment, you know you are looking for change. You might not even know exactly what that change is right now — except that you want to be well, to regain yourself — to feel that life is worth living, that there is more than your present reality.

You might  just sense that there is more, under the surface of your condition, that holds out the promise of a deeper shift — something long lasting, something transformative.



Like many who suffer from ME/CFS you might already have started out on various programs and approaches. You might even be tired of how long it takes, how much it all costs, how challenging it all feels. I’ve been there. I get it. 


I offer a bespoke and caring ‘alongside’ experience. Psychotherapy can take years, once or twice a week, and is expensive. Rewiring programs for ME/CFS recovery might have helped you to start healing your fatigue (if that’s your struggle), or you might not even have started on  rewiring your brain and nervous system, but either way, you sense that there is something more, something deeper, something underlying, something more profound that you yet need to heal. You might even have had some coaching support, but not as much or as frequently as you feel you need.

How would you like to be supported by a 60-day (or 90-day) therapeutically rich process with daily access to support if you need it? 

This is what I offer: a blended, attentive approach that really grounds the change work we do together.

We’d start with some introductory exploration of where you are and what your unique needs are. Then there would be some focused neuroscience-based training if and where needed. You’d have regular fortnightly therapeutic coaching sessions. I use my  unique blend of approaches, tools, deep experience and bespoke strategy to support you as you, in your unique situation, patterns, hopes and plans. And you’d have daily access to my ongoing support should you need that. 


In my experience, many people with ME/CFS and related conditions have simply never had attuned, attentive support of this kind or at this level—even those who had ‘good enough parents’. 

Many people really need to  ‘feel felt’ and ‘held’ in order to heal. Many people crave a deep, ongoing, safe and secure attachment space to really grow in.  And it takes time to change habits. It can take loving accountability, and a clear-sighted supportive guide alongside you.

So, this is what I offer, and drawing on my unique toolkit of science-based techniques blended with my deep life experience and decades of disciplined spiritual practice, I can help you transform yourself from the inside out.

I’m a warm, empathic, sensitive, experienced and friendly facilitator to your own incredible powers of growth and transformation.

Feel the benefits of hypnotherapy immediately

Healing takes inner work. It can be demanding. We can learn to become expert at it. We really can. We really can transform our entire relationship with life, with ourselves, with others and the world.

I have worked with clients who are bed-bound and house-bound, and with clients who are further along the path of wellness or who never reached that level of debility in the first place. I am flexible and highly responsive to where you are, right now. To work with me, you just have to commit to showing up for yourself. If you are ready to take that step,  get in touch with me and fill in my application form.

If you are serious about change, I will invite you to  a  one on one discovery and strategy conversation.

Is it time for you to show up for yourself in this particular way? You will know.

For Groups

Hypno-mindfulness is a unique blend of mindfulness coaching and hypnotic technique. 
Guided mindfulness meditation has been said to be somewhat similar to hypnosis, except that in the case of guided mindfulness meditation, there is no specific aim of producing a particular change in a session, unlike hypnotherapy — which always works with a well-formed outcome in mind. 

I draw on my own longstanding meditation experience, on mindfulness coaching and on hypnotic technique to support you in two main ways. First, to embed stronger meditation and mindfulness habits in your day to day life practice. Second, to evoke ‘glimpses’ and more extended experiences of awakened consciousness itself. 

A hypno-mindfulness session can be a purely therapeutic experience. It can also be specifically designed to  evoke shifts in awareness that invite non-dual consciousness/awakened mind to ‘show up’. 

Experiences of the non-dual can provide doorways into more sustained shifts of consciousness. States can open doors to the development of lasting spiritual traits, and support the ethical development of character that goes with all authentic spiritual evolution. 

I offer mindfulness coaching sessions tailored to you, which can be blended with hypno-mindfulness training.

I also offer a 9-week mindfulness training course, supporting the experiential dimensions of the training with hypno-mindfulness, if desired. This can be for individuals and/or groups.

The 9-week course covers the following subjects: 

1) Introducing Mindfulness;
2) The Circle of Mindfulness and ‘Choosing Something Different’;
3) Meditation (as ‘Sitting Mindfulness’);
4) Exploring Awareness;
5) 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness;
6) Patterns of Stress and Reactivity (Going Deeper);
7) Interpersonal Mindfulness;
8) Mindful Self-Care;
9) Living Mindfully: Building the Habit. 

Anna Grear has worked with our law firm to help our staff develop neuroscience toolkits to help manage the day-to-day stress we face. Our team of lawyers work with victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and immigration matters: all have their unique circumstances. All involve significant stress. Anna’s counselling gave our staff specific strategies to improve communications with our clients and to help our staff mitigate the vicarious trauma that we must handle when working in these environments. If you need a source to help train your staff to navigate the stress associated with your profession, I highly recommend Anna Grear’s Hypno-Mindfulness course”.

Dr. George D. Pappas, Esq. Principal Attorney
Law Firm of George D. Pappas, USA

“I have come to believe that an authentic human path of spirituality inevitably winds back to the body. There, and only there, will awakening occur.”

Excerpt From The Wakeful Body by Willa Blythe Baker