The NeuroCalm Fatigue Summit Interviews: The MP3 Album


Audio MP3 album of expert conversations and explorations recorded at the NeuroCalm Fatigue Summit 2022.

Hear from leading international fatigue experts: complex fatigue conditions such as ME/CFS are explored from a range of perspectives, framed through a powerful question: ‘What if fatigue is a uniquely healing message for a stressed out world?’

Your host, Anna Grear, encourages the expert speakers to think about fatigue as a message of awakening, and as a signal to the wider community, linking fatigue to planetary and social pressures.

This framing produces an unusual and fascinating mix of practical advice about fatigue and recovery, cutting-edge thinking and deep explorations of fatigue as a ‘transformer’ (Ashok Gupta).

‘This is without doubt the best fatigue type summit I’ve listened to. No wasted words — just fact after fact amid a great atmosphere. And a perfect length to concentrate. Thank you.’ (DW)

‘It’s excellent! I love how they are only around 30 min and the presenter is brilliant. (She’s not just asking the same old questions)… One of the few summits I’m pleased I signed up for. I hope there’s an encore.’ (KA)

Hear from: 

Dr Maya Shetreat (Neurologist, Herbalist, Urban Farmer, Author); 

Rebecca Tolin (Mind-Body Coach, Writer and Speaker); 

Dr Sarah Myhill (Naturopathic Physician, ME/CFS expert, Author); 

Dr Evan Hirsch (‘The Energy MD’, Author); 

Dr Rebekkah LaDyne (Somatic Therapist, Self-Regulation Specialist, Author); 

Raelan Agle (Chronic Fatigue Recovery Expert, Social Media Commentator, Author); 

Ashok Gupta (Creator of the Gupta Program: Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness and Holistic Health, Author); 

Dr Terry Marks-Tarlow (Clinical Psychologist, Author); 

Dr Neil Nathan (Expert in multiple healing modalities, Author); 

Alex Howard (Creator of Therapeutic Coaching and Founder of the Optimum Health Clinic and Conscious Life, Author); 

Heather McKean (Creator of the Mind Change Healing System, Author); 

Dr Ameet Aggarwal (Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner, Author);

Dr Silvia Binder(Founder of the Binder Institute for Personalised Medicine Germany, Author);

Ari Whitten (Creator of the Energy BluePrint, Health Optimisation Expert, Author); 

Dr Keesha Ewers (Integrative Medicine and Health Coaching Expert, Author); 

Dr Dana Cohen (Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Author); 

Dan Neuffer (Founder of ANS Rewire, Author); 

Kryssa Marie Bowman (Transformative Hypnotherapist and creator of Quantum Hypnotic Healing); 

Fiona Agombar  (Rest Activist, Yoga For Fatigue Expert, Author); 

Professor Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos (Academic, Artist, Performer, Author).