What is Mindscaping?

Mindscaping is a technique developed by the highly creative and renowned Mike Mandel.

Mindscaping is based on over 8 years of experimentation and research. It draws from Tad James’ Time Line Therapy; Eriksonian Hypnosis; Max Pulver’s Graphological Zones; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) sub-modality shifts; the Cube System of personality typing; Jungian symbolism and archetype theory and conversations between Mike Mandel and Derek Balmer about ‘Time Circles’.

Mindscaping produces phenomenal shifts


Mindscaping produces phenomenal shifts by asking the unconscious mind for symbolic communication. It’s soaked in imagery, a lot of fun, superbly easy — and very powerful. It’s deceptively straightforward, intensely elegant and really rich in its inspirations and backroom design.

Mike Mandel has said that if he had only one change-work tool to work with, it would be Mindscaping. That’s an incredible statement from one of the world’s leading hypnotists and change-makers. Why not give it a try?

“It was like exploring the wonderland of my mind”

“Mindscaping was a particularly memorable experience: short and simple yet so very powerful and meaningful! It was like exploring the wonderland of my mind and it allowed me to tangibly reconnect with a lost part of myself. Reconnecting with it created a serious shift in my being and body — I suddenly experienced a new sense of completeness and strength that had always been amiss and it has been with me ever since. Truly grateful!”

Nadia S-D

More about mindscaping


Often, change-work is based on conversations where the focus is on the content of your current situation and goals.  Mindscaping, by contrast, is ‘content-free’, because you don’t need to give any details at all. You simply choose the theme for your Mindscape session and enjoy the process.

Clients often report the entire Mindscape process as being very enjoyable. The Mindscape itself often ‘lives’ with the client for days, even weeks afterwards, and clients report noticing shifts in their day to day lives and experience as an ongoing process.

Mindscaping draws on the problem-solving and imaginative capacities of your own unconscious mind. The Mindscape activates the limbic system of the brain, and this creates  an experience that is rather dream-like. This Mindscape ‘dreaming’ process allows the brain to process emotional and mental material while generating powerful neurological shifts while communicating through the language of the unconscious in symbols and archetypes. 

Mindscaping is a very simple process. As a client, you simply relax and follow instructions, letting your own unconscious do its amazing work. 

This is a very powerful, beautiful change-work tool.


“I joined Anna for an afternoon to experience Mindscaping. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Anna’s passion, knowledge and enthusiasm tempted me to explore it further. To say that I found the experience truly liberating would not do it its full justice. The reach into my subconscious and the resulting opportunity to identify and then let go of what was holding me back was incredible. Anna had highlighted the potential for ‘aftershocks’ over the following days, which duly came and further reinforced my experience and that it was really OK to let go. I was going to be OK. I’m moving forward and taking less of my past with me. I can’t recommend Anna highly enough. Looking forward to more!”

Michael H