Hypno-mindfulness is a unique blend of mindfulness coaching and hypnotic technique. 
Guided mindfulness meditation has been said to be somewhat similar to hypnosis, except that in the case of guided mindfulness meditation, there is no specific aim of producing a particular change in a session, unlike hypnotherapy — which always works with a well-formed outcome in mind. 

I draw on my own longstanding meditation experience, on mindfulness coaching and on hypnotic technique to support you in two main ways. First, to embed stronger meditation and mindfulness habits in your day to day life practice. Second, to evoke ‘glimpses’ and more extended experiences of awakened consciousness itself. 

A hypno-mindfulness session can be a purely therapeutic experience. It can also be specifically designed to  evoke shifts in awareness that invite non-dual consciousness/awakened mind to ‘show up’. 

Experiences of the non-dual can provide doorways into more sustained shifts of consciousness. States can open doors to the development of lasting spiritual traits, and support the ethical development of character that goes with all authentic spiritual evolution. 

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I offer mindfulness coaching sessions tailored to you, which can be blended with hypno-mindfulness training.

I also offer a 9-week mindfulness training course, supporting the experiential dimensions of the training with hypno-mindfulness, if desired. This can be for individuals and/or groups.

The 9-week course covers the following subjects: 

1) Introducing Mindfulness;
2) The Circle of Mindfulness and ‘Choosing Something Different’;
3) Meditation (as ‘Sitting Mindfulness’);
4) Exploring Awareness;
5) 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness;
6) Patterns of Stress and Reactivity (Going Deeper);
7) Interpersonal Mindfulness;
8) Mindful Self-Care;
9) Living Mindfully: Building the Habit. 


Hypnotherapy works
"Even 20 minutes of mindful awareness can have a powerful stress-reducing effect. But in my experience good teachers are few and far between. Anna is one of the few".
Leo Searle Hawkins
Author of "Break Out of Your Mind: You Are Not Who You Think You Are"