OldPain2Go® is at the head of a revolution in how you can remove old, unnecessary, lingering pain messages. Old, chronic pain is an old out of date message that the unconscious mind can clear and remove, guided by your own conscious mind and by a practitioner. OldPain2Go® is a revolutionary methodology, designed by Steven Blake, that is sweeping across the world because of its power to stop old pain. 

There is no need to believe that OldPain2Go® will work. All you need is to want to be free of old pain messages. 

A session is not a substitute for medical advice. In order to have an OldPain2Go® session, you need to have been diagnosed by a medical professional who has prescribed or advised pain relief. The technique works with you to help you access the part of your mind that allows you to heal and requests that this part of your mind will review your pain messages. OldPain2Go® is not a treatment. It is a self-work intervention that has worked for thousands of clients around the world. 

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